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September 4, 2008


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The kids are starting school and I’ve been re-organizing my house (really, I’m just making a bigger mess) and I’ve fallen behind on my blogging. I’m going to focus on my Demarle pages so my wonderful customers have access to more product information and recipes.

Go directly to my Demarle page…

Coming soon:

Updated Garden Page (the trees are down and the cement is up!)

Updated Canning and Preserving Page (apples! pears!)


August 24, 2008

It’s about time

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It’s about time I blogged again…life tends to get in the way of a perfectly nice blog. I’ve redone some of my links….Demarle and recipes but I’m still working on the others. Big learning curve…

Took an amazing dairy class with Monique Dupre of Learned how to make yogurt, butter, kefir, cream cheese. Now I need to work on a consistent source of raw milk. I think the trick is going to be putting together a time line. Here’s are some options:

Option A:

Buy raw milk!

Skim cream off the top of 1/2 gallon of raw milk.

Make butter with that cream.

Let the leftover “skim” milk sit on the counter overnight to culture into buttermilk.

Refrigerate the buttermilk to use for pancakes, biscuits and ….to drink? I’ll have to try it to see if I’ll like it.

Option B:

Buy raw milk!

Skim the cream off the top of a 1/2 gallon of raw milk.

Make butter with the cream.

Make yogurt with the leftover “skim” milk

From that yogurt, make cream cheese; I will store the leftover whey in the fridge or give it to my friend A for the “ladies” (aka, the chickens)

I also want to make cream cheese from whole raw milk. And I need to get a hold of some kefir grains. One thing at a time though, gotta get my source of raw milk set.

Another addition to my to-do list: start a list of favorite blogs. Here are 3 I visit regularly:

Visit soon, she has a great giveawy going on. Besides that, it’s a really pretty blog; not too fussy, with lots of great posts about organization, budgeting, kids….all the stuff I’m in knee-deep every day. It’s a joy to read.

August 7, 2008

Budget Interuppted

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*Site construction note: I haven’t yet mastered the art of links, so mostly my links won’t take you anywhere -yet. Be patient and check back, Thanks!*

So, we are going camping tomorrow and I was planning the meals with 2 other Moms who just backed out of the trip! Alrighty then….now I get to do it all myself, and quickly.

How easy old, bad habits return. In my rush, I blew over $100 at Fred Meyer and then another $80 at Trader Joes. It’s all food and stuff we need, I just didn’t really, plan for it, very well….hm.

As penance, I am making myself go over the receipts and categorize each item so I know how much I spent on food. But not tonight, remember, numbers make my head hurt. And it’s late. And I’m tired. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I was actually doing really well on our weekly budget. Last night we ate at a friend’s house and tonight I made a Broken Lasagna out of leftovers (mushrooms, spaghetti sauce, marinara, cheese, no boil noodles). We are rolling in vegetables and I have a freezer full of fish. The only thing we really ran out of was butter. I did a lot of baking.

Hopefully tomorrow night will find us at the beach! I’m still working on the menu; but I have flour soaking for pancake mix, I made a batch of mini blueberry muffins and I’m dehydrating blueberries and blackberries for trail mix. I still need to make bread for Friday night, and most probably freeze the spinach, juice the limes and cook up the green beans – otherwise I’m coming home to spoiled food. I can’t stand spoiled or wasted food, especially since I started The Budget. I have hot dogs, a couple of steaks and fish for dinners. Lunches will be blueberries, cheese, PBand J, crackers and any leftover dinner.

I should go to bed, I’m too tired to do anymore tonight. I need to get up and get going in the morning. LOTS of packing to do!

July 24, 2008

Day 13 Menu Switcheroo

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Crazy day! We were late to my yoga class because I was reading my Sustainable Budget Google Goup, I got a call canceling a playdate, I got an email inviting me on a Demarle conference call at 5:00 this evening, I decided to take the kids to the zoo and then I called my neighbor to see if her daughter could come have dinner with my kids while I got on the conference call. When we got home I got the kids in the tub, washed the zoo off of them and started dinner. I was on a call with a dear friend back from vacation when C yells from the bathroom “I haf to go to the bafroom!” I run to the bathroom where C is clenching his cheeks, I scoop him up, put him on the toilet where he has his first official “poop in the potty”. Then I noticed the big poop in the tub. *ugh*

C was beside himself! His reward was brand new ‘piderman underwear (he leaves the initial S off of all s-words). He is now sleeping in that brand new underwear and I am bracing myself for a very big laundry day tomorrow.

So, back to the Menu. I had planned to make burritos and quesadillas, but I have no cheese. So I switched that dinner out for hot dogs and hamburgers. A better dinner to have with the neighbor’s daughter coming over to eat with the kids anyway. I needed some cash for sno-cones at the zoo, so I stopped at Alberstons’ (hey – it’s on the way to the zoo!) and picked up some hot dog buns and a box of Mac and Cheese. I still need cheese for the burritos and lasagna, but I’m not buying that at Albertson’s (I may let my kids have Mac and Cheese and sno-cones on occasion, but it’s raw milk cheese for everything else) I’m not over budget for the week yet. Whew!

While C was bathing and pooping, and A was calling and the neighbor’s daughter was arriving, I made 2 nitrate-free beef hot dogs, a box of Mac and Cheese, 2 buffalo burgers and a side of rice with Oriental Dressing. I also served some hand-picked raspberries. The conference call started on time and I was there to take it.

Then it was time for bed and Suburban Mom gets to blog…blah, blah, blah.

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