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July 24, 2008

Day 13 Menu Switcheroo

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Crazy day! We were late to my yoga class because I was reading my Sustainable Budget Google Goup, I got a call canceling a playdate, I got an email inviting me on a Demarle conference call at 5:00 this evening, I decided to take the kids to the zoo and then I called my neighbor to see if her daughter could come have dinner with my kids while I got on the conference call. When we got home I got the kids in the tub, washed the zoo off of them and started dinner. I was on a call with a dear friend back from vacation when C yells from the bathroom “I haf to go to the bafroom!” I run to the bathroom where C is clenching his cheeks, I scoop him up, put him on the toilet where he has his first official “poop in the potty”. Then I noticed the big poop in the tub. *ugh*

C was beside himself! His reward was brand new ‘piderman underwear (he leaves the initial S off of all s-words). He is now sleeping in that brand new underwear and I am bracing myself for a very big laundry day tomorrow.

So, back to the Menu. I had planned to make burritos and quesadillas, but I have no cheese. So I switched that dinner out for hot dogs and hamburgers. A better dinner to have with the neighbor’s daughter coming over to eat with the kids anyway. I needed some cash for sno-cones at the zoo, so I stopped at Alberstons’ (hey – it’s on the way to the zoo!) and picked up some hot dog buns and a box of Mac and Cheese. I still need cheese for the burritos and lasagna, but I’m not buying that at Albertson’s (I may let my kids have Mac and Cheese and sno-cones on occasion, but it’s raw milk cheese for everything else) I’m not over budget for the week yet. Whew!

While C was bathing and pooping, and A was calling and the neighbor’s daughter was arriving, I made 2 nitrate-free beef hot dogs, a box of Mac and Cheese, 2 buffalo burgers and a side of rice with Oriental Dressing. I also served some hand-picked raspberries. The conference call started on time and I was there to take it.

Then it was time for bed and Suburban Mom gets to blog…blah, blah, blah.


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