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July 19, 2008

Combatting the $900 Grocery Bill

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After months, no years, of outrageous grocery bills (to the tune of $800-$900 per month for 2 adults and 2 small kids) I have finally come up with a plan for lowering our food costs. I usually cook pretty nice dinners; I’m always trying new recipes and looking for new flavors. In the past I was always running out to the store to pick up this ingredient or that, and coming home with an extra $60-$80 worth of groceries, on top of my normal weekly grocery run. I don’t want to give up healthy eating; I will not eat processed foods, I will not eat produce from foreign countries, I will not give up healthy eating. So, the new plan includes 10 different dinners that we eat roughly 3 times a month. I will start each week with a grocery list and $100 cash. Extra cash at the end of the week will go towards beer, wine, eating out or next week’s groceries. The grocery list will include items for breakfast and lunch. My DH’s lunches will mostly be leftovers from the night before. I plan on prebaking much of our breakfast; waffles and pancakes (from my favorite cookbook, Nourishing Traditions), muffins, and occaisionlly, eggs.

The big question is, can I actually do this. The eggs I like to buy are $6 a dozen. The meat and fish we eat is $7-$28 a pound. We really need a garden. And we really need laying hens. *sigh*

A big motivator for me is that my husband agreed to let me spend the first “extra” $450 or so anyway I want. That’s a lot of money to me. I’ve been home with the kids and haven’t had a paycheck for over 5 years now. With $450 I could buy that Dyson vacum cleaner I have my eye on. I could use it for the girl’s retreat my friend A is planning for this fall, I could fly to LA to see my Aunt. I could buy clothes (nah, nothing fits or looks good). I could hire a babysitter, go to a spa, see a movie and have lunch. I could save it for our garden, and the hens I’ve been dreaming about. Too many choices…

Here are the 10 meals I have in rotation for each month:

The Menu Plan


soup w/bread


pizza (homemade)


chicken w/veggies and potatoes

beef w/ veggies and rice

fish w/ veggies and rice

breakfast for dinner (sausage, eggs, pancakes or waffles)

hot dogs and hamburgers

Some of the meals look larger than others; consider that in lasagna, you have protein, veggies and a carb all mixed together. Some of the meals will take longer to make than others (chicken for instance, I usually roast a whole chicken so I can make stock with it too), some are quick and easy. Some will be great with leftovers in them. I have some space for creativity; this week I had to get pretty creative with lunches and snacks for the kids. I’ll say this, we are eating healthier!


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  1. Here’s my favorite ‘cook once, eat twice’ meal:
    crock pot costco chicken breast w/ 1 can of stewed tomatoes and 4 scoops of mexican spices from HomeMade Gourmet. Serve it the first night over mexican rice w/cheese sprinkled on top. Serve it the second night wrapped in tortillas w/enchilada sauce. YUM!!
    Seriously…$900 grocery bill?!!!

    Comment by sdsue — July 19, 2008 @ 6:31 pm |Reply

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